Critical Essays

This webpage includes links to scholarly essays, editorials and other writings relevant to crime causation, criminal justice administration, or crime prevention. Included only are writings authored by African American scholars, and other scholars of African descent, holding a Ph.D. or doctorate degree in criminology and/or criminal justice from an accredited university located within the USA.

We invite these scholars to send links to their essays, editorials and other writings to

This webpage will be regularly updated.



Anne T., 2017. Building Crime Prevention Theory: A 3-Part, 7-Step Process.
Click here to see full article.

Anne T., 2016. “Policing in America: Time for Repair or Reform.” Jackson, MS: Jackson Advocate Newspaper.

Anne T., 2003. An Empirically-Based Strategic Plan to Prevent Crime in Jersey City's LaFayettte/Morris Canal Neighborhood:
Final Report of the Technical Advisor to the Community Advisory Council.
Click here to see full report.